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We like payroll giving because it’s what we have been doing for 25 years!
Blindcare started out as a payroll giving consortium when pre-tax payroll giving was launched in the 1980s. We have raised millions of pounds this way and our donors continue to find this a convenient way to give (they also like the fact that the government allows payroll giving to be processed before PAYE is deducted)!
Some people know payroll giving as Workplace Giving or Give as You Earn by the way.

How Does it Work?
More than half of the employees in the UK work for employers where there is already payroll giving offered. Most employers in the private and public sectors have been offering payroll giving for some time but if you find your employer has no scheme please contact Blindcare and we will provide guidance on next steps and alternatives.

  • You choose how much to donate (as much or as little as you would like) and can change your donation at any time.
  • All the processing of your donation is done automatically by your employer and will appear on your payslip each payday.
  • Your employer sends all employees’ donations to a Payroll Giving Agency Charity which pays the donations for Blindcare directly into our bank.
  • Payroll giving is a safe way to give as only charities can receive money by this means.
  • Costs are minimised for the charity so more of your donation goes to the cause you care about.
  • Many employers match their employees’ donations.
  • Your donation is processed before PAYE tax is deducted so you can give more while the donation costs you less.


Understanding the tax benefits:
The table below illustrates the net effect on your take-home pay of a payroll giving donation at the current tax rates:

Your Tax Rate
20% 40% 45%
Your Donation Amount £10 £10 £10
Cost of Donation £8 £6 £5.50

Payroll Giving Form

For general information about Payroll Giving, please call or email the Blindcare office.


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